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The all-in-one Notion Template for organizing your life and work.

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Unlock your full potential with the Productive Brain.

The Productive Brain transforms chaos, into clarity.

It helps you capture fleeting tasks and important notes that pop into your mind no matter where you are.

But that's not even the best thing about the Productive Brain...

What really sets this template apart from other 'Second Brain Templates' is this simple fact:


It was built with changemakers in mind.

It was built for people with ambitions and dreams.

Not just the average toiling worker.


In fact, I'd venture to say that if you DON'T have dreams and ambitions this template probably is NOT for you.

Here are just a few ways the Productive Brain will change your life:

  • Saves heaps of time and reduces mentally strain.
  • Allows customization but, but it also just works out of the box.
  • Enables you to crush deep work blocks with ease.
  • Gets better with age as you accumulate tasks, notes, goals and habits.
  • Makes review and processing of information stupid easy.


You can rest easy knowing you finally found the template that will serve you for years to come as your life evolves.

"The productive brain framework has single handily changed my life. I complete more tasks than ever before and I actually accomplish my goals in the system."
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Drake S
Verified Purchaser
"I bought Taigo's book, watched a couple of his videos, and saw Ali Abdaal's videos; it all became too much to try and implement. After watching some of your videos Carter, and then watching your Notion Second Brain, this became a no-brainer. Such a great template with brilliant demonstration and explanation."
Craig L
"Absolutely obsessed with this! Everything is explained thoroughly and the info icons are always there if I need a refresher on how a certain property in the template works."
savannah headshot
Savannah L
Verified Purchaser
"Thank you! I've been following you for a while, and this new version is just what I'm after. It's how my brain works, and that's the difference between you and the almost got there videos by other people. I process ideas quickly, and I hate clunky systems. The work you've put into this is phenomenal. It's such an intelligent, yet intuitive approach to organizing ideas, goals, projects and achievements."
Greeney L
"Thank you, thank you, thank you. FINALLY a template that works for exactly what I need. I've been on notion for nearly a year and have downloaded hundreds of templates. I finally feel like I have a handle on my workspace so thank you so much for building this."

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The Productive Brain takes a big picture approach.

IF you want to revolutionize your life it takes more than a simple task management template or a basic note taking database. A true Second Brain has everything interconnected and seamlessly placed for your success in just the right spot.

  • Task Management with dates, priorities and more!
  • Intelligent processing inbox that tells you what needs reviewed.
  • Planning Mode that helps you load balance your calendar with drag and drop.
  • Interlinked Notetaking system.
  • Goal tracking and prioritization.
  • Daily Habit and Metric tracking.
  • and so much more!





Your data is only effective if you put it into the right views and contexts.

ROUTINES help you make use of your tasks, notes, habits and goals through the lens of past, future and present.

With the Productive Brain you can trust in the routines that have been architected for you.

Focus on daily tasks.

Plan for the future in monthly, weekly, daily or annual time frames.

Process items that need review to keep your system running like a well-oiled machine.

Reflect on all past tasks, habits and goals in your system.

Calibrate future goals and see what's getting the most attention.

Routines are pages, with views, that empower you in the most crucial vectors of your life.


Rest assured that everything has a place in the Productive Brain.

I explain my thoughts and show you exactly how I architected it in 12+ videos that you get when you purchase the Productive Brain. Learn how to install, maintain, improve and customize your newfound tool for success.

You are in control of you future and I will help you understand exactly how to control the template for your needs.


Quick Capture Component
Quickly capture fleeting ideas, notes, tasks and bookmarks.
Processing Mode
A streamlined processing view that makes organizing simple.
Habit and Metric Tracking
Easily log daily metrics, habits and more all in Notion.
Focus Mode
See your high priority tasks for the day at a glance.
Knowledge Management
A searchable, Zettelkasten-like system for notes and bookmarks.
Daily Highs and Lows
Built in bullet journaling to record your daily highs and lows.
Mobile Widget Views
Intuitive widgets to access this template through your phone.
Reflect and Analyze
Review past weeks, months, quarters and years to realize trends in your life.
Track Life Goals
Stay focused on goals with clear end-results or ongoing pursuits.
Task Manager
GTD-like system with priorities levels, action dates and deadlines.
Snoozed Tasks
Put tasks on the backburner or mark them as stuck.
Planning Mode
An intuitive calendar view and task processing system.
Custom Sub Areas
Sort resources, bookmarks, files, notes and actions in hierarchies.

Included in the "All Access Pass"

Get all of my templates and access to my exclusive community and self study course.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get future updates?

Yes, if you purchase this template you will have access to a page in Notion that will have an updated version of Productive Brain when ever we release a new version.

Is this template included in the "All Access Pass"?

All the templates on my website are included in the All Access Pass, along with bonus course content and our exclusive Notion community.

Does this template work on mobile?

There are a few widgets that we created just for mobile within this template that make it easier to interact with the template on mobile.

When setting up the template for your first time and following the installation guide it's ideal to have 2 tabs open to be able to follow along with the video guide(s) that are included.

For heavy use, Notion is always better on a larger screen no matter what template or workspace you use. It will be more aesthetically pleasing and you'll enjoy all the benefits on a larger screen. I don't recommend fully operating this template from a handheld device, however, there are some neat features that allow you to use this template on the go when it makes sense to do so.

Does this template work for teams?

This template is built for individuals, however, the individual pages can be shared and adapted to teams if you know what you are doing in Notion.

Do you offer refunds?

If you purchase this template there's no way for us to revoke your access, therefore, we do not offer refunds. 

How can I contact you if I have a question about the template?

If you have access to all-access pass you can get priority in-depth help in our Notion community. Otherwise I recommend emailing any questions you have to

Included in the "All Access Pass"

Get all of my templates and access to my exclusive community and self study course.

Productive Brain

The all-in-one Notion Template for organizing your life and work.

One Time