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Notion for Students: The Notion Student Suite

Hey, productive people! In today’s blog, we are gonna discuss the Student Suite Template that I created on Notion. This is a great tool for keeping track of your assignments, notes, flashcards and classes, no matter if you are a high school or a college student. It took me over 50 hours to perfect it and I am very excited to finally be able to share it! I will also keep updating it, so once you purchase it, you can either choose to access all of the database improvements or make it your own – it’s up to you. Let’s dive into it!

First of all, once you buy and download the template, there will be menu called Student Dashboards which allows you to see all of the sections that you can use in order to be organized and productive in your academic endeavors.


One of the most important features of the Notion Student Suite template is the Classes page that I created. You can see the Current Class Progress which will appear as a table. Here, you will be able to see the name of your classes, your progress, and your grade. It will look something like this:

Underneath it, you can find the Assignments by Class section, where for each one of your classes you can type down whatever homework or quizzes you might have. Once you complete each one of your assignments, you can check off the little box, which will make your progress bar increase. It is really useful to know exactly where you are standing at throughout the semester, as we often tend to forget about certain assignments, ultimately bringing our grade down.

Here, you can also find the Current Professors sections, which contains all of the professors that are currently teaching you. By clicking on their window, you can see their name, email address, phone number, the class their teaching status. You can even add a picture of them and, using embedding, place the syllabus for the respective class, so that it can be easily accessed when needed to.


The Assignments Page is next. You can create an entry by clicking on New and giving it a name. Now, you can enter the estimated duration in minutes, select the due date, choose the type of assignment that it is, its impact on the grade, what class it is for and, if you want to, add some related notes.

In this page, you also have Class Assignments, which is very similar to what we discussed previously because it keeps all of your assignments together, sorted by class. If you want to know which assignments are the most urgent, you can check out the Assignments Due Today section, as well.


Now, onto the Notes page! There is a section where you will be able to find any notes that you have written in Notion for your classes, called All Notes.

Underneath it are Recent Notes – very useful when you are just interested in the latest topics you went over in class. You can add a New Note by pressing on the button with the same name and then selecting the class you need the note for and the assignment that is related to. Don’t forget that you can spice up your Notion aesthetic when you play around with emojis, so make sure to change the emojis of  your notes to something that is relevant to the subject.

In the same way you can see your assignments grouped by class, you can also find your notes organized together in the Notes Related to Assignments section. If there are notes that helped you a lot for a certain class, you can even go as far as writing a whole essay under that note. If you choose to do so, you can also export it as a PDF, which would make it easier for you to upload the assignment directly.


Up next is the Flashcards section! Using virtual flashcards will save up a lot of your time when studying, as you don’t have to spend hours handwriting them. Study Flashcards allows you to create them and filter them by a specific class. For instance, after asking a question on a flashcard you can add them to an assignment, type in the answer and choose the class you made it for. In order to see the answer when studying, you just have to click on the flashcard and you will have it right there. In this section, you can filter the flashcards by classes so that you view exactly what you need all at once.

Add New Flashcards is the perfect section for creating extra flashcards easily, while Flashcards by Class enables you to keep them organized in the same spot for direct access.


Lastly, we have the Professors page, which keeps all of your instructors in the same place, for easy reference. You can attach their pictures, type in their email and their phone numbers, as well as choose their class and status. I wouldn’t recommend taking a picture of your professor during class, but if they have a public LinkedIn profile, that would be perfect for use. Keeping track of your professor’s contact information would come in handy in the future if you ever find yourself in need of a reference/a recommendation letter or if you just want to reach out to them – every professor loves hearing from former students.

Keep in mind: this is only a demo of the Student Suite Notion Template and I am constantly making improvements to it. If you think it would be perfect for you and if you want to support my channel, you can purchase it right here. Don’t forget that I also have some free templates, which can be accessed by clicking here. If you would like to see anything specific added to the template, you can always drop recommendations.

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Stay productive! 🙂