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6+ Free Notion Templates for Productivity in Notion

Hello there, productive people! Have you ever wanted to be more organized but didn’t know how to start or what program would fit your needs? If so, this tutorial is for you. I am sharing with you some Notion templates that are perfect for beginners.

1. 7 Beginner Notion Shortcuts

Starting off, we have the “7 Beginner Notion Shortcuts” template, that could be taken as a guide. If you wish to add this to your Notion workspace, all you have to do is hit “Duplicate” in the top right corner of your screen. Once you do that, you may click on any of the list’s items and it will direct you to one of the shortcuts used in the Notion app, which I consider to be the most important. These 7 beginner shortcuts include “Slash Command”, “Quick Lists” and “Zoom and Scale”.

2. Fantastic Flashcards

The “Fantastic Flashcards” Notion template is actually a component of the “Student Dashboard” premium template I have created for the Notion app. The flashcards can be categorized based on the topics that interest you and you can have as many topics and flashcards as you want in your database. Clicking on a flashcard that has a question written on it will direct you to the answer that you are looking for, making memorization easier and studying more fun!

3. Projects and Tasks

As one of my favorite Notion templates, “Projects and Tasks” lets you add and check off various tasks, while keeping an eye on the progress related to their respective projects. Don’t forget to duplicate it if you want to edit it on your own. If you wish to see your projects and tasks separately you can do so by viewing backend pages.

4. Daily To-Do

The “Daily To-Do” Notion template is another task-tracking tool that is great for keeping its users more organized. You can write your task list and then simply drag it into the Day Tracker, which will show you the progress you have made on that specific day. You can even use it as a mood tracker. If you want to learn how to build this Notion template from scratch, or are struggling with usability, you can watch the Notion tutorial I made here. This will show you the brass tacks on how this Notion template is created and used.

5. Custom Divider

Serving as another guide, the “Custom Divider” free Notion template is pretty easy to use. It offers a horizontal divider and a vertical divider, which could enhance the aesthetic of your Notion board. Both of these come with their own code so that they can be included in your Notion workspace as often as you want them to.

6. Priority Tracker

Lastly, the “Priority Tracker” free Notion template is a very user-friendly tool. The Sorting Database, which stays at the core of this Notion template, allows you to choose the impact and the difficulty of each of the tasks in your list. After doing so, it will generate a ratio that the database will be sorted on. Underneath the database, you can find the formula codes used in the making of this template. With this Notion template you can do your most important and effective tasks first, ultimately making your day more productive.

These free Notion templates will help you be more organized and productive so that you can reach all of your goals quicker and with less friction during your day. Make sure to keep an eye on this list as I will be updating it. Don’t forget to check out my YouTube channel Productive Dude for more content like this. See you soon!

Stay productive. 🙂